Improve Your Golf Game with these 5 Pro Recommendations

Half swings to improve golf game

It’s no secret, every single golfer dreams not only to lower his or her scores but to experience the pure satisfaction of a perfectly hit ball. Every golfer wants to watch it fly high and long and impress their fellow golfers with their beautiful form and surgeon precision-like flawless execution.

Fortunately, there are a few simple things you can do that will help you shore up the weaknesses in your golf game and make the most of your strengths. By following the tips outlined in this article, you will find yourself displaying new skill on the fairways in no time at all!

Analyze your golf game

Analyze Your Golf Game

As we’re all unique, we don’t all need to improve on the same aspects of our  golf game. Maybe your drives are flawless and look like Tiger Woods driving off the tees, but your short game needs work, or maybe it’s the opposite and your long game resembles the weekend warriors and your short game is killer. Keep a record of your statistics each time you play and go over them looking for patterns, and you’ll be able to see where the weaknesses are in your game. Once you’ve narrowed that down, you know the next step–practice! Focus on the areas that cause you the most trouble, because that’s where you most need to improve.

Golf game improvement tips: it’s all in the hips

Swing From Your Torso

It’s all in the hips, it’s all in the hips! Although the arms and wrists are a fundamental component of your golf swing, the bulk of your speed and power should be stemming from torso rotation.

Practice this movement by resting your club across your shoulders. Rotate your body away from the ball until the top of the handle is pointing down toward it, then rotate the other way so the other end of your club is facing the ball.

Make this movement a regular part of your practice and ensure that you’re rotating in just this way when you swing.

Half swings to improve golf game

Take A Half-Speed Swing

This may feel unnatural, and the ball isn’t likely to go anywhere much, but that’s okay. This exercise is about your golf club, not your ball.

A lot more importantly, it’s about the postures and muscles included in your swing as well as your awareness of each of them. As you go throughout your swing at fifty percent speed, concentrate on every aspect of what the body is doing.

Make sure everything is occurring in a proper sequence which you complete in a good, balanced position. Do this many times, then speed up.

Improve your golf game by thinking like a pro

Think Just like a Pro

Golf schools such as Bird Golf School pair students with experienced PGA and LPGA experts. Consider booking some private instruction and letting the advantages analyze and amend what you like.

With their expertise, you will quickly be correcting details you may never have noticed that will have a huge and lasting impact on the way you golfing.

Improve Your Golf Game with these 5 Pro Recommendations

Putting Practice

It’s attractive to invest your entire practice time at the range working on your drives. As soon as you get to the putting green, things should be easy, right?

There is some truth to that, but that doesn’t imply you should shirk your putting practice. In truth, it’s just the reverse.

Putting is the great leveller–it’s the aspect of golf where everyone has the necessary physical capability to become a learn. Put in the required work, and you could raise your putting game to the level of the pros.

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